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Terra International presents the Terra Logica® wall and floor finishing products.

A decorative finish which finds its origin in the ancient Tadelakt technique of the Marrakech area in Morocco.

Our team of engineers, designers and architects is proud to present you this range of superior quality products.

They are easy to apply and therefore ideal for your next renovation or newly built project.


The Terra Logica® products find their origin in the ancient building products and aspects of the Moroccan "Tadelakt".

The decorative characteristics of the original Tadelakt are kept in the Terra Logica® products. The quality on the contrary is from a label of today. The Terra Wall® can even be applied on glass.

After years of research the symbiosis of engineers J. Coetzee, D. Gous and M. Grunewald came to result in a very strong, easy to apply and modern application product range of wall and floor finishing’s. Together with designers and specialists in renovation Danny De Munter (int. arch. M&L) and Wim Gyselinck (int. arch.) and the technical support of the Stellenbosch University in Cape Town (SA) the final quality and aspect was given to the products.

Terra International had is try out period in the early years of 2000 on the African continent. The products have been launched on the European market on the Brussels Expo "Batibouw" in spring 2006.